Monday, November 1, 2010

Sex-specific biomarkers for Asperger syndrome

Examining biomarkers in serum provides promise for understanding autism spectrum disorders and for development of diagnostic tests. A recent publication in Molecular Psychiatry (prepublication, 2010) by researchers based at the University of Cambridge examined 147 serum biomarkers in adults with Asperger disorder compared to control subjects. Multiple factors in serum were found at abnormal levels in subjects with Asperger disorder, compared to controls. Strikingly, differences in biomarker 'fingerprints' were found in males (12 subjects) and females (13 subjects) with Asperger disorder, indicating different diagnostic tests may be required for autism spectrum disordes in males and females, and sex-linked factors may affect the nature/etiology of autism in males and females.

Article:Sex-specific serum biomarker patterns in adults with Asperger's syndrome

Schwarz E et al. (2010) Molecular Psychiatry: advanced online publication

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