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BioAutism 2011

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Invitation to BioAutism 2011

16th February

Early intervention depends on early diagnosis, and many children are currently diagnosed, using behavioural testing, between 2- 4 years of age, or even older (7+ years of age) in the case of some Asperger children.

This present symposium is being held in order to identify those areas and techniques of research currently being carried out in Australia which could be harnessed to produce significant outcomes in  early biological detection of ASD before the onset of behavioural symptoms. Such research is also expected to advance understanding of the underlying aetiology of autism and thus lead to new treatments/interventions for the condition.
Themes: (i) autism etiology, {ii) biomarkers/diagnosis, (iii) treatment/therapies, and (iv) comorbidities/epidemiological issues.  
Other aims: (i) to discuss how to interact with biotech companies to produce significant outcomes in some/all of these themes, (ii) to make people aware of the depth and breadth of biological ASD research in Australia; (iii) to provide networking and collaboration opportunities for these researchers.

Key Speakers:
Dr Catherine Marraffa (RCH Melbourne) Clinical diagnosis and practise
Prof Katrina Williams (RCH Melbourne) Epidemiology
Dr Charles Claudianos (QBI) Developing a diagnostic chip: Molecular systems and autism
Dr David Godler (Uni Melbourne/MCRI) A Novel Diagnostic for Fragile X Syndrome
Assoc Prof Anthony Hannan (HFI) Genes and the environment
Dr Paul Dawson (UQ/MMRI) Sulfate metabolism in autism
Prof Joel Bornstein (Uni Melbourne) Synaptic transmission in intestinal reflex pathways
Plus many others.

Short talk opportunities and poster presentations:
If you wish to present at BioAutism 2011, some short talk opportunities and poster presentations are available. Expressions of interest via half-page abstracts should be emailed to Dr Elisa Hill by Monday January 24

Registration (Free, but for catering purposes please RSVP to Dr Elisa Hill by Monday January 24

Speaker abstracts will be posted on this ARA blog.

Location Theatre 1(Ground Floor on left of entry), ICT Building, Melbourne University, 111 Barry St, Carlton (Melways 2B C8 and 571 P7)

Registration 08.30. Meeting 09.00-17.00hrs

Public Transport:
Trams 19, 59 (starting from opposite Flinders St Station in Elizabeth St) to the junction of Pelham St and Elizabeth St (Melways 2B C9). Walk east along Pelham St and left into Barry St. 
ICT entry is 60 metres on the left.
Parking is available in the University Square car park (underground). Entry Berkeley St (near corner of Grattan St). Ticket machines on Level 1 outside the East and West lifts.

Organisers: Dennis Crowley (Autism Vic), Drs Elisa Hill (Uni Melbourne), Naomi Bishop (La Trobe Uni) and Randal Moldrich (QBI).

Thanks to Autism Victoria and Science Advantage for sponsoring the meeting.

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